Process :
When a family or an individual decides to relocate, one of the most essential elements in the relocation is the packing of each household article to ensure that it reaches its destination in the same original condition. our professional and experienced persons will be in continuous contact with the customers, the moment they calls for household good transfer. On confirmation our trained supervisor with our team of experts gets the goods packed. Every step of precaution will be taken during packing so that your goods does not damage.
  Moving :
Our company motto is transferring any thing at any where with “NO TENSION”. We have our own fleets for moving your consignments all over India door to door. As we load the van, our supervisor will note the condition of each of your items. Your approval is necessary to make sure his description is accurate. If you disagree with any appraisal, please mark it down on your Inventory List. Once you sign on it, we're on our way to your new destination.
  Escort :
To prevent the house hold effects from any kind of haphazard & to maintain proper communication with the origin, one of the team member during packing, would accompany the vehicle till it reaches destination.
  Insurance :
We take utmost care during transition goods and valuable. Even though some mishap may damage your goods due to unforeseen incidents. We offer comprehensive transit protection through reputable insurance companies. If a claim does arrive, we render all the assistance & help to complete the claim formalities for expeditions & settlement.
  Loading & Unloading :
Loading & Unloading of the stuff would be done by the skilled and trained labourer.